ryne (sand_gaijin) wrote,

Nit Twit

  • 00:17 it seriously feels like 3 days have passed in this entire day. 7-11 student teaching, 12:30-3 class, 4-5 practice, 5-6 sax lesson, 7-11 work #
  • 00:18 ...and with that, good night. more of the same tomorrow. :( #
  • 08:31 twitpic.com/h33dx - oops. fashion faux pas... woke up early and mindless. #
  • 12:03 thought i would make this tight u-turn. i ended up grazing the side of my tire and scraping up my hubcap. #
  • 22:30 @lila82 yeah, my car's fine. i kissed the lip of a winco curb with rear tire... same side. the mechanic isnt going to like rotating my tires #
  • 22:31 i'm going to bed... yeah 10:30 pm. i'm so exhausted. if this works out, i'll be getting 8 hours of sleep finally! #
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